Kin Beneath Chorus were formed back in 2007 in Greece, Thessaloniki. The  line up of the band was finalised in 2011. Kin beneath Chorus are: Thanos Mishopoulos (Vocals), Anestis “Syd” Sidiropoulos (Guitars), George Papas (Guitars), Alex Psaras (Bass) and Nick Paulakis (Drums). Their music is a combination of death metal and hardcore filtered with modern sound and attitude. Their goal is to create aggressive music along with atmosphere and melodic riffs. In February 2011 Kin Beneath Chorus released their first 3-track demo called “Nothing is Sacred”. After half a year the band recorded their first full length album which will be released in Spring 2013 by Spreading Dysphoria under the name “Futuristic. Composed”.